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Jul 21

Shit’s More Complicated Than It Seems

    So i was at my friend’s house for a cut so that i can ready for senior portraits, and as i was getting my cut i saw my friend’s Fatlace lanyard and then all of these thoughts concerning cars came into my head. And so i  asked him “Have you heard of a Hellaflush?” and he replied saying no. And then from there we talked about cars from there on. As me and my friend were conversing on car related topics, his brother in law, Mike, comes in with his sister who is Mike’s girl. And since Mike owned a custom Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7/8/9 or idkaaay, i asked him something about cars. He told me that he works in an auto shop just down Central Ave. in U.C. and that if i wanted some chassis upgrades to my car he told me that it wouldn’t be cheap. And then he told me that if you push your car to have more horses you also have to tune your car to use gas with a specific octane rating, install more durable drive train parts, etc.. And so not only that he also helped me in finding some people that special in custom suspension tuning, and some other people that can create custom molds for body/aero kits for your car that you can design, also he told me about some company that can install roll cages if i ever wanna go serious with my custom car project(s). The cool thing is tho is that he can give me discounts on some of this stuff.

     Overall, conversing with him on the topic about cars and customization really made my day. However i also found out that none of this stuff is cheap!! So now im motivated to get a job with a good pay. More than what my job can supply for. I swear, that ‘89 Supra in my driveway is just calling for me to drive it!!!

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